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Pen-Reform Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of integrated electronic components, and the mix of production, supply, marketing advantages of the enterprises, long-term commitment of professional electronic components industry research and promotion, products widely used in industry, civilian, military and other various fields.
Components of Pen-Reform is now operating mainly from Germany, Japan, the United States, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries and regions world-renowned manufacturers of semiconductor products.
Product main capacitors, tantalum capacitors, inductors, resistors, electrolytic capacitors, magnetic filter, the transistor, and IC, modules, connectors, LCD series of products.
 We always will be "winning by quality, honest, quality first, quality service" business approach to the concept of high quality products, with the standardization of management to enhance long the market competitiveness of enterprises, to a strong and services based on the industry forefront.
 In recent years, Pen-Reform electronic-Tech products with reliable quality, competitive price, efficient logistics and flexible financial support in the industry won a good reputation! Our future, based on China, look to the world! Order to comply with the world trend of large scale integrated circuit industry, our company will take full advantage of the sales platform and team to improve the technology, components with world-renowned design company, providing high quality products and technical support components, the components in China and around the world contribute to industrial development.

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